The practice of Adria S. Hillman, P.C. is devoted exclusively to matrimonial and family law.

We have years of experience handling complex financial and custodial issues (including forensic evaluations, valuations of real estate, businesses, partnerships, licenses and enhanced earning capacity, physical and legal custody disputes, relocations, mental health issues and substance abuse issues). Our aim, always, is to settle cases as efficiently as possible, but our experience runs the gamut from negotiated, mediated and collaborative resolutions to intensely litigated motion practice and trials. We have extensive trial and appellate experience, have crafted thousands of complex settlement agreements and have broad knowledge of every aspect of domestic relations case law and statutes, which we bring to bear in drafting briefs and affidavits for court. We work with a group of high caliber forensic accountants and valuation experts in analyzing marital lifestyles and a wide variety of businesses, including hedge funds, private equity, real estate businesses and professional practices. As lawyers we are hard-working, accessible, direct and responsive. We pride ourselves in giving the best, most thoughtful and individualized advice possible to our clients to whom we dedicate ourselves to bringing the best results possible.